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private income

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private incomeˌprivate ˈincome noun [countable, uncountable]  BFMONEYmoney that someone gets regularly, not from working but because they own part of a business or have money which earns interest
Examples from the Corpus
private incomeAs I got up Terry looked at me as if I'd just announced I had a private income.It was to be revolution not on the rates but on a private income.An ample private income allowed him time to indulge his tastes for writing, politics, and rowing.She will also consider pruning the number of royals who receive tax-payers' support - and paying tax on her private income.Remembering the other woman's private income, Loretta made only a faint protest.She had a small private income which was sufficient for her needs.Substantial private income augmented by vast salary and royalties from books Twittish behaviour: Pretty sound, by and large.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprivate incomeˌprivate ˈincome [countable, uncountable]FINANCE money that someone gets from investments rather than from workingThe government has promised to lower taxation on private income. income
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