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private sector

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprivate sectorˌprivate ˈsector noun   the private sector
Examples from the Corpus
private sectorWhat are the pluses and minuses of practicing law in the private sector?The deficit is created by the actions of the private sector.Will such businesses be sufficiently profitable to generate the interest of the private sector?When governments contract activities to the private sector, those governments still make the policy decisions and provide the financing.In a television statement on Oct. 8 Rafsanjani said that the plan included the sale of state-owned factories to the private sector.Services can be contracted out or turned over to the private sector.The private sector now offers another rich seam to mine.The private sector often complains about public enterprise, arguing that government should not compete with business.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprivate sectorˈprivate ˌsector (also commercial sector) [singular]ECONOMICS the industries and services that are not owned by the governmentThe project was entirely financed by the private sector.private sector jobsprivate sector investment sector
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