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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpro-lifeˌpro-ˈlife adjective  OPINIONsomeone who is pro-life is opposed to abortion and uses this word to describe their opinionpro-choice a pro-life activist
Examples from the Corpus
pro-lifeIf any sort of pro-life argument had a chance to receive a favorable hearing at Holy Trinity, this was the one.It will probably be easier for them to be pro-life because of the absence of party pressure on them.The pro-life chain was backed by many supporters in Altrincham, Wythenshawe, Hale and other Shrewsbury parishes.But any such gains would be wiped out by a backlash from your core pro-life constituents.The same would be true if Clinton responds by scaring women about a flood of pro-life Dole-appointed judges.Of course some of my pro-life friends have disowned me.Adoption is the one issue that pro-choice and pro-life people can agree on.Thousands of leaflets were given out and pro-life songs and talks were broadcast.
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