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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprobablyprob‧a‧bly /ˈprɒbəbli $ ˈprɑː-/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  PROBABLYused to say that something is likely to happen, likely to be true etc It will probably take about a week. This would probably be a good time to take a break. It’s probably the best movie I have ever seen.[sentence adverb] ‘Are you going to be able to do this?’ ‘Yes, probably.’ ‘Is she going to send it back?’ ‘Probably not, no.’very/most probably The building will be replaced, most probably by a modern sports centre.THESAURUSprobably adverb used when saying that you think something is true or will happen, although it is not completely definiteHe’s probably gone home.Rod is probably going to study law.‘Is she lying?’ ‘Probably.’likely adjective probably going to happen or probably trueThe most likely result is a win for the Democrats.The price of petrol is likely to rise again this year.It is likely that we’ll lose.it looks as if/it looks like used when saying that the present situation makes you think that something will probably happen or is probably trueIt looks like Greg has been delayed.There aren’t any taxis, so it looks as if we’ll have to walk.may/could/might well used when saying that you think something will probably happen or is probably trueHe may well come back.Take an umbrella. It might well rain later on.It may well be his last game.I would/should think spoken (also I would guess spoken) used when saying that you think something will probably happen or is probably true, although you are not sure‘Will the match still go ahead?' ’Yes, I would think so.’I should think she’s about 24 or 25.
Examples from the Corpus
probablyWolfenstein is so addictive you will probably attempt to play it to a conclusion by staying up all night.I'll probably be late for dinner tonight.We'll probably be shooting the movie on location in Europe.Archaeologists think the temple was probably built in the 3rd century AD.Daffodil Quentin seems to be acceptable to the other owners, who of course probably don't know about her three dead horses.Other zoos will probably euthanase theirs.The body count was probably higher, maybe as high as 44, though police could never prove it.He wrote dozens of books, but this is probably his best-known novel.I probably should not have been stunned, since civil wars test allegiances."Where is Joan?" "She's probably still at work."There probably will be no kids as a result.And he's probably, without knowing it of course, jealous of our happiness.If we played a lame-duck year in Hartford, we probably would have lost $ 20 million to $ 25 million.very/most probablyJoseph was most probably a mason, carpenter, cartwright and joiner.Kasparov - Karpov Ruy Lopez 13 ... b6 is most probably a new move in this position.Saunderson would most probably be one of them.Four, and most probably five, of the constraints were outwith the control of most farmers.June is mentioned, most probably June 2, with an October date a secondary possibility.A large proportion of the books were most probably unread.This, very probably, was a clash between civilizations.If this sounds ridiculous, it is because it most probably was.
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