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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprocedurepro‧ce‧dure /prəˈsiːdʒə $ -ər/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun [countable, uncountable]  1 WAY/METHODa way of doing something, especially the correct or usual wayprocessprocedure for What’s the procedure for applying for a visa?correct/proper/normal etc procedure This is standard procedure for getting rid of toxic waste.legal/court/parliamentary etc procedures All schools have disciplinary procedures they must follow. On board, we were given the usual talk on safety procedures (=what to do if an accident happens, or to prevent an accident).2 WAY/METHODa medical treatment or operation Liposuction is a minor surgical procedure.COLLOCATIONSADJECTIVES/NOUN + procedurethe correct/proper procedureWhat's the correct procedure for applying for a grant?normal/standard procedureIt’s standard procedure to take photographs of the scene of the crime.a legal procedureAdoption was not made a legal procedure until 1926.a disciplinary procedureUnacceptable behaviour will be dealt with through our usual disciplinary procedures.a complaints procedureThe company has a standard complaints procedure.a selection procedureAn interview is an important part of our selection procedure.a safety procedureApparently the accidents were due to inadequate safety procedures.verbsfollow a procedureIt’s important that you always follow the correct procedure.go through a procedureWe had to go through the whole procedure again.
Examples from the Corpus
procedureEach teacher approaches a procedure in an individual way and has different areas of expertise and interest.If a procedure is prescribed for making the rule it must be followed, unless the procedure is directory rather than mandatory.Parcells underwent a procedure last week to repair his knee.Always observe the correct procedure for the use of ski-lifts.Alternatively, it may be possible, and preferable, to establish procedures to incorporate terms by reference on the telephone.Its procedures often seemed too specific to be worth the candle of locking some one up.It also would cover hormones and other procedures.Stewards spent hours rehearsing the proper procedure for marshalling the huge crowds expected in the stadium.It is very important to follow the safety procedures laid down in the handbook.Sorry about the body search. It's just standard procedure.The court will not sanction the scheme if the requisite statutory procedures have not been complied with.What is the procedure for opening a bank account?I want to get a new passport but I don't know the procedure.Reform voting procedures that Democrats claim disenfranchised thousands of black voters last year.safety proceduresRegulatory agencies uncovered numerous flaws in operating and safety procedures.Bureau safety procedures, in the event of a violent client, can not be neglected.The Hidden report made 93 recommendations to improve safety procedures on the railways, in the emergency services and in government policy.But new safety procedures had been introduced so such an event could never happen again.Laganside agreed to review safety procedures during the week-long break to accommodate the Lower Ormeau Community Festival.Throughout there has been a high profile given to safety procedures, under the control of safety manager.A NORTH-EAST double glazing firm has been fined nearly £3,000 for breaches of work safety procedures.surgical procedureAreas where this need can arise usually occur when a surgical procedure or accident has resulted in loss of bone.Lengths of stay are being cut dramatically for just about every serious medical illness and surgical procedure.So far, research has centered on two highly experimental surgical procedures.Indications for surgery are not clearly defined and there is no agreement on the ideal surgical procedure.Although not completely pain free, they often prefer this management to any type of surgical procedure.Particular care needs to be taken over: i. accidents or surgical procedures where anaesthetics and appropriate pain relief must be given.They can not read the waivers that they sign preceding surgical procedures.From the age of three he was subjected to surgical procedures meant to enhance his undersized external genitalia.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprocedurepro‧ce‧dure /prəˈsiːdʒə-ər/ noun [countable, uncountable] the official or accepted way of doing something, especially something that is done oftenWe have hired an accounting firm to evaluate our audit procedures.procedure forThe bank must review its procedure for maintaining adequate loan-loss reserves.a lapse in procedure (=an occasion when the normal procedure is not followed)The police complaints procedure provides a formal mechanism for citizens to lodge complaints about instances of police misconduct.procedural adjectiveThe case was overturnedon procedural grounds. dispute procedure standard operating procedure
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