Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: proceder, from Latin procedere 'to go forward'


pro‧ceed S3 W3 [intransitive]
1 formal to continue to do something that has already been planned or started [↪ proceeds]
proceed with
The government was determined to proceed with the election.
Before proceeding further, we must define our terms.
2 formal to continue:

proceed to do something

to do something after doing something else first - used sometimes to express surprise or annoyance:
Sammy took off his coat and proceeded to undo his boots.
4 [always +adverb/preposition] formal to move in a particular direction
proceed to/towards/into etc
Passengers for Miami should proceed to gate 25.
! Do not confuse proceed and precede, which have different meanings and slightly different pronunciations.

proceed against somebody

phrasal verb
SCL to begin a legal case against someone

proceed from something

phrasal verb
to happen or exist as a result of something:
ideas that proceed from a disturbed state of mind

proceed to something

phrasal verb
if you proceed to the next part of an activity, job etc, you do or take part in the next part of it [= go on to]:
players who proceed to the finals of the competition

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