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proceed to do something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproceed to do somethingproceed to do somethingSTART DOING somethingto do something after doing something else first – used sometimes to express surprise or annoyance Sammy took off his coat and proceeded to undo his boots. proceed
Examples from the Corpus
proceed to do somethingThese begin with the girly accessories of dollies and dollies' accessories and proceed to clothes and fashion.Whipping out a bank roll, he proceeded to count it out on the table.Royston then proceeded to deny all the accusations.He had bought a number of blocks on the south side of Broadway and proceeded to develop them beginning in 1910.After listening carefully to my advice, she proceeded to do the exact opposite!Martin marched into the shop and proceeded to hurl abuse at the girl behind the counter, Then she proceeded to insult all the people on earth before she described the happenings in room 212.Encouraged by this success, the rebels proceeded to organise a defensive network throughout the Holy Land.We proceeded to state our respective positions, which took about fifteen minutes.He then proceeded to stomp on it, in the presence of the emperor.Magilla was given a large sheet of plain white paper and a felt-tip pen and proceeded to write down all our thoughts.
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