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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprocessionpro‧ces‧sion /prəˈseʃən/ ●○○ noun  1 LINE[countable, uncountable] a line of people or vehicles moving slowly as part of a ceremonyparadefuneral/wedding/carnival etc procession They marched in procession to the Capitol building.2 GROUP OF PEOPLEGROUP OF THINGS[countable] several people or things of the same type, appearing or happening one after the otherprocession of an endless procession of visitors
Examples from the Corpus
processionThe Nottinghamshire quadruple scull will lead off a procession of 500 crews.The children were eager to take part in the carnival procession.a funeral processionWe were held up by a long funeral procession.The many depictions of bulls in Cretan art include images of bulls sacrificed to the Goddess in joyous processions.She gathered about her a vast retinue and used to enjoy making pompous processions through the streets of Delhi.Thus, Hindu religious processions often passed Mohammedan mosques at prayer time and that irritated the followers of the Prophet.Thirty priests were to be in the procession.Reporters have been frustrated in their efforts to catch even a glimpse of the procession of secret soldiers.A Shetland pony she cared for on a horse ranch was part of the procession to the cemetery.The procession was one of sombre colours, khaki and air force blue predominating.funeral/wedding/carnival etc processionRegardless of the general press of humanity, a funeral procession was attempting to pass down it from the other end.It's a wedding journey, not a funeral procession.Trelawney himself is buried in Pelynt Church and the crozier carried in his funeral procession is also there on view.Herbalifers scuttle into permanent blackness, and a Soweto funeral procession comes on.Citizens lined the main streets and applauded as the funeral procession passed by.The funeral procession started peacefully in Brooklyn, with thousands following the coffin and lining the streets.procession ofThe family has endured an endless procession of tragic events.
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