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prodigal son/daughter

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprodigal son/daughterprodigal son/daughter formalsomeone who leaves their family and home without the approval of their family, but who is sorry later and returns prodigal
Examples from the Corpus
prodigal son/daughterHe is a classic modern tough guy as well as being an Old Testament prodigal son.The play, very moral in tone throughout, is a reworking of the theme of the return of the prodigal son.When the music stopped, Gary concentrated on the parable of the prodigal son.The parable of the prodigal son conveys at a conscious level a message about the need for forgiveness and acceptance.The prodigal son had returned to Parkhead.A prodigal daughter, I had learned in only one day, I was not.A final provocative statement from a life-long prankster, a prodigal son of Harvard, it seems so fitting.The prodigal son will feast with harlots no more.
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