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pro‧duc‧tion S1 W1
1 [uncountable]TI the process of making or growing things to be sold, especially in large quantities [↪ produce, product]
production of
the production of consumer goods
food/oil/milk etc production
agricultural production and distribution
production costs/facilities/processes etc
high-tech production methods
be in production (=being produced)
By September, the new motors were in production.
go into/out of production (=begin to be produced in large numbers, or stop being produced)
The new model will go into production next year.
2 [uncountable] the amount of goods that are made or grown
increase/rise/fall etc in production
a drop in oil and gas production
3 [uncountable] when something is produced through a natural process
production of
the skin's natural production of oil
4 [uncountable and countable]A a play, film, broadcast etc that is produced for the public, or the process of producing it:
the new Shakespeare production at the Arts Theatre
In 1992, Green moved into video production.

on/upon (the) production of something

formal when you show something:
Entrance is only permitted on production of a ticket.

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