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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprofanitypro‧fan‧i‧ty /prəˈfænəti/ noun (plural profanities)  1 SWEAR[countable usually plural] offensive words or religious words used in a way that shows you do not respect God or holy things2 [uncountable] formalRUDE/IMPOLITE behaviour that shows you do not respect God or holy things
Examples from the Corpus
profanityIt is one thing to shock a parent with casual profanity.His dress is famously unfashionable, his temper famously short, his profanities notoriously rich.He knew far more profanity than Scripture, and used and enjoyed it more.We need new profanity because familiar profanity has lost its punch.Their exchanges are filled with hesitations, contractions, slang and prejudice, as well as the strange poetry of profanity.Freed in the slipstream of profanity, it took wing.It was part prayer, part profanity.There's also a letter from the Lemon Grove city clerk, peppered with profanity, that she never wrote.
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