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professionalpro‧fes‧sion‧al1 /prəˈfeʃənəl/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL adjective  1 job [only before noun]BOJOB/WORK a) relating to a job that needs special education and training What professional qualifications does he have? It is essential to get good professional advice. You may need to seek professional help. b) relating to your job or work and not to your private life professional contacts2 well trainedEFFICIENT showing that someone has been well trained and is good at their work This business plan looks very professional. a more professional approach to work3 paidBO doing a job, sport, or activity for money, rather than just for funamateur a professional tennis player a professional armyturn/go professional (=start to do something as a job)4 team/eventBO done by or relating to people who are paid to do a sport or activityamateur a professional hockey team The golf tournament is a professional event.5 professional person/man/woman etc6 professional liar/complainer etcprofessionalization /prəˌfeʃənəlaɪˈzeɪʃən $ -lə-/ noun [uncountable] the increasing professionalization of childcare servicesprofessionalize /prəˈfeʃənəlaɪz/ verb [transitive]COLLOCATIONSnounsprofessional adviceEveryone considering buying a house should seek professional advice.professional helpIt is very important for parents to get professional help if this problem arises.professional qualificationsMany of the courses lead directly to professional qualifications.professional trainingAll the charity’s workers are volunteers, without professional training.professional standardsThe Law Society’s function is to maintain the highest professional standards.a professional body/association (=organization that people from a particular profession can belong to)Is your architect a member of a professional body?a professional careerAfter retiring from sport, he began his professional career as a journalist.somebody’s professional lifeAt this point she took the biggest risk of her professional life.
Examples from the Corpus
professionalThese glossy brochures look very professional.He was a keen amateur photographer for many years before he turned professional.Despite claims of more health professional access to the Internet, this is not the same as use.Full time welfare officers represent individuals at pension tribunals, and are able to offer professional advice on legal matters and housing.Lawyers have their own professional association, which operates a strict code of conduct.professional basketball gamesProfessional basketball players can earn huge sums of money.In the meantime, he says, Elizabeth would benefit from detailed professional financial planning and investment advice.a professional football playerAs a class, professional golfers are swell well-scrubbed chaps and chaplets, infinitely preferable to professional wrestlers or professional loan sharks.None of the applicants have any professional job experience.You are advised to seek professional legal advice if in any doubt about the contract details.I was impressed with William's professional manner on the phone.You should speak to a lawyer for a professional opinion.By this time Amelia had obtained a transport license, the mark of a professional pilot.The persistent association of Kohlberg's professional prestige with Gilligan's work is an interesting current example.The RSA course in teaching is a recognized professional qualification.The professional role has been minimal, and, where it has been relevant has been facilitative rather than directive or initiating.Q: Do you have any advice for those want to become a professional singer?a professional singerthe glamorous world of professional skatingprofessional helpAfter several weeks of sleepless nights, Walter sought professional help.But for many people, the best solution may be a combination of tax software and professional help.Your spouse might be able to help you, or you may need to seek professional help.The extent to which bereavement is worked through depends on self-awareness, external support, professional help and general attitudes.However, the advice about seeking professional help still applies.Name of Consortium - should we try to get professional help with this? 8.Programs may be developed during school hours where professionals help work-inhibited students.turn/go professionalAfter that he played with Alan Elsdon, with whom he turned professional.By then fired by an ambition to go all the way, he turned professional.But the real on-course caring was not to return fully until she turned professional at the start of 1984.A proficient rather than brilliant amateur, Johnson went professional in 1968 and progressed well, winning thirty-two of thirty-eight contests.He turned professional in 1973 under the management of Terry Lawless.Before turning professional in 1985 she started a Sport Science degree which she still hopes to complete.I turned professional when I was 13.After jamming in Harlem, in 1954 he turned professional with Tito Puente and others.
Related topics: Occupations
professionalprofessional2 ●●○ W3 AWL noun [countable]  1 BOsomeone who earns money by doing a job, sport, or activity that many other people do just for funamateur Hurd signed as a professional in 1998. top snooker professionals2 BOJOB/WORKsomeone who works in a job that needs special education and training, such as a doctor, lawyer, or architect health professionals (=doctors, nurses etc)3 EXPERIENCEDsomeone who has a lot of experience and does something very skilfully You sing like a real professional.4 tennis/golf/swimming etc professional
Examples from the Corpus
professionalProfessionals were first allowed to compete in the Olympics in 1992.Electrical repairs should be left to a professional.Firstly, professionals make important contributions to the well-being of society as a whole.The play is performed by 50 local actors led by four professionals.It is noteworthy that newly amended s.62 permits, interalia, market professionals to sue for insider dealing violations.This new professional will need to be much more familiar with statistics in order to choose and evaluate training and testing situations.Many parents become very confused by the range of professionals that they see and will call everyone doctor.This is because short professionals tend to concentrate their firepower.It raises problems to do with the role and objectives of the professionals engaged in such work.Most athletes these days are highly-trained professionals, who spend their whole time practising or competing.Mr. Soloff was a true professional in the field of insurance.It is a tribute to the hard work of soft ware professionals that large-scale disruption was avoided.health professionalsHandwashing seems such a simple task but in fact is a subject of surprising contention among health professionals.So Rockefeller organized his own scientific expedition to the region: a small team of demographic scientists and health professionals.But not all professionals subscribe to the view that disabled people are unsuitable as health professionals.The theoretical and methodological developments to pain evaluation by both health professionals and patients will be applied in a hospital Pain Clinic.A cavalier unconcern about such consequences is too often the response of powerful mental health professionals who create categories of abnormality.Clearly this method disposes the health professionals toward feeling that they have helped architect the final programme.The bill would have banned an abortion procedure known to health professionals as intact dilation and extraction.Although subtle, this shift demonstrates what health professionals see as a change in priority.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprofessionalpro‧fes‧sion‧al1 /prəˈfeʃənəl/ adjective [only before a noun]1connected with a job requiring advanced education and special trainingprofessional qualificationsprofessional trade associationsproviders of business andprofessional services2(continuing) professional development abbreviation CPDHUMAN RESOURCES training offered to people working in professions as part of their jobthe Law Society’s continuing professional development scheme3approving very well trained and showing high standards of workThe women made an excellent showing — they were every bit as professional as their male colleagues.If you build your business and run it in a professional way, you’ll be around to pick up the rewards.4doing an activity, sport etc to earn money, rather than for pleasurea professional footballerThe weather could put a third of the nation’s professional beekeepers out of business.professionalprofessional2 noun [countable]1JOBsomeone who does a job requiring advanced education and special trainingA number of market professionals are recommending cyclical stocks.Business Risks employs 225 professionals, many of them former law-enforcement officers.2someone who is very experienced, has a lot of knowledge, and does things very skilfullyThe successful applicant will be a decisive professional, capable of making hard decisions.3JOBsomeone who earns money doing a job, sport etc that other people do for pleasureNike say the shoe is designed for professionals and advanced amateurs (=people who do a sport for pleasure).
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