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professional person/man/woman etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprofessional person/man/woman etcprofessional person/man/woman etcBOJOB/WORKsomeone who works in a profession, or who has an important position in a company or business We’d prefer to rent the house to a professional couple. professional
Examples from the Corpus
professional person/man/woman etcAbout 80 percent of its clients are business and professional women.The result is that the practical definition of obscenity has been decided by middle-aged-to-elderly professional men.As far as childcare is concerned, professional women have to rely on paid care.Glossy, high-powered soap opera about four black professional women helping one another through a bad year in Phoenix.These are very well-educated professional women in Fog Bank who felt insecure about investing.A mature spinster, a professional woman, might.There may be a willing volunteer or a professional person specially appointed, but this may not be easy to find.Of those executive and professional women who did marry, most chose not to have children or deferred them until very late.
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