1 adjective
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pro‧fes‧sion‧al1 S2 W1


[only before noun]BO
a) relating to a job that needs special education and training:
What professional qualifications does he have?
It is essential to get good professional advice.
You may need to seek professional help.
b) relating to your job or work and not to your private life:
professional contacts

well trained

showing that someone has been well trained and is good at their work:
This business plan looks very professional.
a more professional approach to work


BO doing a job, sport, or activity for money, rather than just for fun [↪ amateur]:
a professional tennis player
a professional army
turn/go professional (=start to do something as a job)


BO done by or relating to people who are paid to do a sport or activity [↪ amateur]:
a professional hockey team
The golf tournament is a professional event.

professional person/man/woman etc

BO someone who works in a profession, or who has an important position in a company or business:
We'd prefer to rent the house to a professional couple.

professional liar/complainer etc

someone who lies or complains too much - used humorously
professionalization noun [uncountable]
the increasing professionalization of childcare services
professionalize verb [transitive]

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