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professionallypro‧fes‧sion‧al‧ly /prəˈfeʃənəli/ AWL adverb  1 BOJOB/WORKas part of your work Do you need to use English professionally?2 GOOD ATin a way that shows high standards and good training The magazine wasn’t very professionally designed.3 BOas a paid job rather than just for fun a chance to play football professionally4 by someone who has the necessary skills and training The carpet should be professionally fitted.
Examples from the Corpus
professionallyThey were doing a job not totally agreeable to them, but they were doing it professionally.She responded very professionally and discreetly nodded, so I knew there would be either a discount or a special plate delivered.After his father died he did a lot of odd jobs, including shining shoes, boxing professionally and preaching.The makeup is more professionally applied.Again, a professionally drafted clause was held unreasonable.On 30 June 1978 the deceased signed a professionally drawn will.a professionally edited videoSchneider has cooked professionally in France and the United States.The apartments were professionally operated and tended to have higher occupancy rates and rents than the rental market as a whole.If Liddy and Leary could wed professionally, so can Falwell and Flynt.
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