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professorpro‧fes‧sor /prəˈfesə $ -ər/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 SEC British English a teacher of the highest rank in a university department Professor Barclayprofessor of Chinese/economics/religion etc She’s been named the professor of English.see thesaurus at teacher2 American EnglishSEC a teacher at a university or college Ted’s a college professor.biology/history/French etc professor Who’s your chemistry professor? assistant professor, associate professor
Examples from the Corpus
professorProfessor Paterson will give the keynote address.She's a professor of history at Oxford University.From 1984 until the present he was a professor in the department of journalism at New York University.a professor of physicsThe meeting will be chaired by Professor Andrew Jones.Who is your economics professor?Archie's father is a retired physics professor.Several of the professors were internationally known figures who lectured to large audiences and engaged in public debates over controversial issues.Be sure the professor provides intensive feedback and is willing to look at materials from your work.Did I need protection, or was the professor miffed for his own reasons?The professor, who was greatly respected and whose classes were much enjoyed, used to stage an experiment.This professor constantly uses vulgar expressions.This professor, at least, and the students at the cabin were happy to see her.professor of Chinese/economics/religion etcIt was taught by a professor of religion in the divinity school.Before joining the Fed, she was a professor of economics at UC-Berkeley.Frank Reich, the brilliant professor of economics at Harvard.biology/history/French etc professorHe was going to bury himself in a library for a few years, then become a history professor.Actually, Wilson had suffered a series of strokes, starting at age thirty-nine when he was a history professor at Princeton.A biology professor at San Diego State, she recognized business potential in some of her research.A history professor at Baghdad University, Sadoun Fadil, said people rally around their leader during hard times.A military history professor is retiring.