Date: 1600-1700
Language: Italian
Origin: profilo, from profilare 'to draw the edge of something', from filare 'to spin'


1 noun
pro‧file1 W3 [countable]


a side view of someone's head:
Dani has a lovely profile.
in profile
I only saw her face in profile.


a short description that gives important details about a person, a group of people, or a place:
a job profile
profile of
a short profile of the actor

high profile

something that is high profile is noticed by many people or gets a lot of attention:
Jack runs a department with a high public profile.
The star has a high profile in Britain.

keep a low profile

to behave quietly and avoid doing things that will make people notice you

raise somebody's profile

if a person or an organization raises its profile, it gets more attention from the public:
an advertising campaign designed to raise the bank's profile


an edge or shape of something seen against a background:
the sharp profile of the western foothills against the sky

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