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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprofit-makingˈprofit-ˌmaking adjective [usually before noun]  a profit-making organization or business makes a profit opp non-profit-making
Examples from the Corpus
profit-makingGovernment will never be a profit-making enterprise.And still government will not be a profit-making enterprise.I believe that if an act wants to run a fan club, it should be a service rather than a profit-making enterprise.The spanner in these works is the fact that government is not a profit-making enterprise.The city is an active partner in many profit-making enterprises.The profit-making Institute for Advanced Technology in Minneapolis makes a similar pitch.Convene an instant training workshop aimed at brainstorming out ten profit-making opportunities.Despite the profit-making prospects in this it has been treated with utter contempt on the grounds that charity begins at home.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprofit-makingˈprofit-ˌmaking adjectiveCOMMERCE a profit-making product, activity, organization etc is one that makes money, or one that exists in order to make moneyWe concentrate on being a profit-making company rather than on just chasing sales.He plans to set up hundreds of profit-making schools in every state of the union. compare loss-makingprofit-maker noun [countable]Heinz’s ketchup is one of its biggest profit-makers.
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