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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprofoundpro‧found /prəˈfaʊnd/ ●●○ adjective  1 EFFECT/INFLUENCEhaving a strong influence or effectprofound effect/influence/impact/consequence etc Tolstoy’s experiences of war had a profound effect on his work. The mother’s behaviour has a profound impact on the developing child. profound changes in society2 EMOTIONALshowing strong serious feelings syn deep a profound sense of guilt3 INTELLIGENTshowing great knowledge and understanding syn deep a profound question Jenner is a profound thinker.4 literaryDEEPMP deep or far below the surface of something syn deep Her work touches something profound in the human psyche.5 COMPLETELYcomplete profound deafness
Examples from the Corpus
profoundYet when death whisks away that incandescent vitality, the shock is all the more electric and profound.Burton's lecture was amusing as well as being profound.Much of what he had to say was very profound.The impact of these changes will be profound.Further research has resulted in a more profound appreciation of the problem.The morning air grows thick with incense and the droning of ancient sutras, as lulling and profound as waves.Underlying this hostility was a profound belief in the ethical and moral superiority of collective welfare provision.To achieve this a set of regulations has been introduced which is having a profound effect on the electrical and electronics sectors.The changes have had a profound effect.It was also seen as inflicting profound effects on individuals' lives.Very few fully appreciated their profound influence on their junior colleagues.The book contains a great many profound insights into human behaviour.Women who through their racism, collusion and a profound lack of political intelligence, made my sisters and me completely invisible.a profound remarkHer death left me with a profound sense of sadness.There was a profound silence after his remark.a book with profound social implicationsprofound effect/influence/impact/consequence etcDecember is a month when what is said and who you meet could have profound consequences.But the public protests have had a profound effect on Adobe.The historical legacy of this hegemony continues to have a profound influence on the contemporary political landscape.Yet these elements have had a profound effect on the evolution of the Earth because of their radioactivity.Selection pressure operates on all stages of life cycles and has profound effects on the physiology and biochemistry of parasites.The speculation had an even more profound effect on the public sector.profound sense ofBecause of this profound sense of acceptance, we understand and come to terms with our own uniqueness.Uh so as this profound sense of disappointment and disenfranchisement that seems to come with each cycle.He blushed from a profound sense of embarrassment.And yet, he could see in his grandfather a shameless self-importance, a profound sense of entitlement.Overall there is a profound sense of estrangement and disappointment afoot in our country.Hurrying out with a profound sense of failure, she brushed by a man watching from the stairs of the rehearsal studio.The staff in turn are likely to experience guilt and a profound sense of failure.
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