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Profumo Scandal, the

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishProfumo Scandal, thethe Profumo ScandalPro‧fu‧mo Scan‧dal, the /prəˈfjuːməʊ ˌskændl/ (also the Profumo Affair)  a series of events in 1963 involving the British politician John Profumo (1915–2006), who was the Minister for War in the Conservative government. Profumo had a sexual relationship with a young woman, Christine keeler, who was also in a relationship with a Russian naval officer who worked at the Soviet embassy. People were shocked when these facts became known, because it was thought that national secrets might have been passed to the Russians. There were also newspaper stories about Profumo and other important public figures having parties where there was a lot of sexual activity. Profumo was forced to give up his job, and these events caused great damage to people's opinion of the government. see also Rice-Davies, Mandy
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