2 verb
1 [intransitive] to improve, develop, or achieve things so that you are then at a more advanced stage [≠ regress]:
I asked the nurse how my son was progressing.
progress to
She started with a cleaning job, and progressed to running the company.
progress towards
We must progress towards full integration of Catholic and Protestant pupils in Ireland.
progress beyond
Last year the team didn't progress beyond the opening round.
2 [intransitive and transitive] if an activity such as work or a project progresses, or you progress it, it continues:
Work on the ship progressed quickly.
We're hoping to progress the Lane project more quickly next week.
3 [intransitive] if time or an event progresses, time passes:
As the meeting progressed, Nina grew more and more bored.
Time is progressing, so I'll be brief.
4 [intransitive] to move forward slowly:
Our taxi seemed to be progressing very slowly.

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