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progressive tax

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progressive taxproˌgressive ˈtax noun [singular]  PETa tax that takes more money from people with higher incomes than from people with lower incomes opp regressive tax
Examples from the Corpus
progressive taxWhy? 6 Precisely what is meant by a progressive tax?A second reform is therefore essential - to turn the national insurance tax from a proportional into a progressive tax.Income tax is a progressive tax because higher earners pay a higher proportion of their income in this tax than lower earners.A progressive tax structure is one in which the average tax rate rises with an individual's income level.Like any progressive tax, liability increases where the pocket is deeper.By definition, a tax whose average tax rate rises as income Increases is called progressive tax.
From Longman Business Dictionaryprogressive taxproˈgressive tax [countable]TAX a tax that is charged at an increasing rate as income increasesAn increasingly progressive tax will generally allow a state’s tax revenue to grow. tax
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