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prolong the agony

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprolong the agonyprolong the agonyinformalDELAY to make an unpleasant or anxious time last longer, especially when people are waiting for news There’s no point in prolonging the agony any longer. prolong
Examples from the Corpus
prolong the agonyShe played her part to the end, grateful that Ace didn't seem keen on prolonging the agony.The last thing she wanted was to prolong the agony.There was no sense in prolonging the agony.You said you'd wait till I came to you of my own free will; let's not prolong the agony any longer.Goodness knows I do not wish to prolong the agony, but I feel some clarity is needed.They are now 20 years older and must realise that to remain silent is to prolong the agony for Brian's parents.Without prolonging the agony for them both any longer she got up and left the room.
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