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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpromprom /prɒm $ prɑːm/ noun [countable]  1 American EnglishSECDANCE a formal dance party for high school students, often held at the end of a school year2 British English informalXX a promenade(1)3 British English informalXX a promenade concert
Examples from the Corpus
promI mean, she wanted me to senior class prom.There is no evidence to verify this, but Al Davis was probably a lousy prom date.As yet, he has not accepted any of the more than 50 high school prom invitations he has received.The band first played together at a high school prom.the senior promJoey walked me home after the prom.She took a short cut along the prom.At school the most important decision the student council may ever be allowed to make is the theme for the prom.On the evening of the prom the Rolls broke down.Where previous boy-girl ballads dealt with prom night nerves or playground jealousies.
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PROMPROM /prɒmprɑːm/ noun [uncountable]COMPUTING programmable read only memory; a type of memory on a computer that will only record material once. The material cannot easily be removed from the computer
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