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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpromiscuouspro‧mis‧cu‧ous /prəˈmɪskjuəs/ adjective  1 SYhaving many sexual partners the risks of promiscuous sexual behaviour2 old useCOMPLICATED involving a wide range of different thingspromiscuously adverbpromiscuity /ˌprɒməˈskjuːəti $ ˌprɑː-/ noun [uncountable] sexual promiscuity
Examples from the Corpus
promiscuousRumors spread through the school that Jill was promiscuous.Just by definition, they're going to be promiscuous.Some have attempted suicide; others have abused drugs or been sexually promiscuous.This sounds compelling and attractive but it can be promiscuous as well.I remain, firmly in defence of happily promiscuous hominids.There are usually more females than males present on an infested person and the males are relatively promiscuous, mating frequently.Promiscuous men are rarely criticized as severely as promiscuous women.Men are promiscuous opportunists at heart and in their fantasies.The promiscuous princess quickly becomes a pawn.The most promiscuous species end up a collage of different handicaps, ornaments, and gaudy blotches.The survey found that single men aged 18--35 were more promiscuous than any other social group.
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