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Promised Land

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Promised LandˌPromised ˈLand  RRC a) the land of Canaan, which was promised by God to Abraham and his people in the Bible b) a place where people want to go because they will be safe and happy there, or a situation that people would like to be true or happen
Examples from the Corpus
Promised LandAs Otis never tired of saying, this was the promised land.Black people all over the South became excited at the thought of this new promised land.Jacob's dying blessing focusses on the distant future, when the descendants of these twelve will occupy the promised land.Like Israelites after the exodus, the liberated slaves saw themselves free to live in the Promised Land.Certainly he returns towards the Promised Land in very different style from the way he left it.And without that, the promised land is nothing.Britain, in the mid-1970s, seemed to me like the promised land of progressive education.They have no promised land to promise.
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