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promissory note

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
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promissory noteprom‧is‧so‧ry note /ˈprɒməsəri ˌnəʊt $ ˈprɑːməsɔːri ˌnoʊt/ noun [countable] technical  BFLa document promising to pay money before a particular date
Examples from the Corpus
promissory noteRichter also said Steve Adams had signed a promissory note for the $ 50,000.A promissory note is like a post-dated cheque.
From Longman Business Dictionarypromissory noteˈpromissory ˌnote (also P Note) [countable]FINANCE a document stating that someone promises to pay a particular sum of money on a certain datePromissory notes and bills of exchange are often guaranteed or endorsed by a third party. note
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