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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproneprone /prəʊn $ proʊn/ ●●○ adjective  1 ILLlikely to do something or suffer from something, especially something bad or harmfulprone to Some plants are very prone to disease.prone to do something Kids are all prone to eat junk food.accident-prone/injury-prone etc He’s always been accident-prone.2 formalLIE DOWN lying down with the front of your body facing down syn prostrate His eyes shifted to the prone body on the floor.proneness noun [uncountable]prone adverb Jack lay prone on his bed.
Examples from the Corpus
proneTrack 13 in front was out of commission, with its people on the ground, prone, in firing positions.Many of the injured were lying prone on the floor.It was very delicate and prone to break down.In houses particularly prone to condensation, you can cover walls with a thin layer of polystyrene before applying wallpaper.The Tennessee and Red rivers were prone to destructive floods, as was the Columbia-as were many rivers throughout the country.Flat ground and the slopes of the Marne valley are particularly prone to frost.They tend to get disorganized as the mania increases, and even more prone to poor judgment.I have found that fish fry are particularly prone to tubifex-related bacterial attack.prone to do somethingAnd journalism, which is more prone to collective examination of conscience than most professions, is already focusing on these problems.Where she was concerned, he was too prone to condemn.For example, Monday clinics are prone to develop a backlog owing to bank holidays and statutory holidays.Just footballers, that very peculiar animal much prone to foot in the mouth.Those who appear before the AFl-CIO are prone to identify social progress with a strong trade union movement.Teachers are not prone to remind successful students that their work is due.Dr. MacLaughlin is prone to say exactly what she thinks.He is hardly a sentimental sap who is prone to vicarious patriotism.Acrylic primed canvas boards are prone to warping even in normal atmospheres.
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