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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpronouncementpro‧nounce‧ment /prəˈnaʊnsmənt/ noun [countable]  formalSAY/STATE an official public statementpronouncement on the pope’s last pronouncement on birth control
Examples from the Corpus
pronouncementHer pronouncements were delivered with the formality of a Vatican edict.Some professor who has no training at all looks at a manuscript for a few days and makes pronouncements?For these prophetic pronouncements, exactly the same process of checking and testing is appropriate.Market watchers meticulously noted his occasional technology pronouncements.By law, Pope is allowed seven days from the pronouncement of the verdict and sentence to appeal.After presenting me with a bag of tomatoes, she glanced at my mangled leg and made the pronouncement.These pronouncements became, in time, self-fulfilling prophesies.These pronouncements were not necessarily written down and so they might be carried off into oblivion by the winds of time.pronouncement onthe Pope's latest pronouncement on birth control
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