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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproperlyprop‧er‧ly /ˈprɒpəli $ ˈprɑːpərli/ ●●● S1 W2 adverb  1 RIGHT/PROPER especially British English correctly, or in a way that is considered right syn right American English The brakes don’t seem to be working properly. Then he’s not doing his job properly. Parents should teach their children to behave properly in public. properly trained staff2 especially British EnglishCOMPLETELY completely or fully syn thoroughly Is the chicken properly defrosted? The allegations were never properly investigated.3 IN FACT formal really Documents properly belonging to the family were taken away.properly speaking British English (=really) It isn’t, properly speaking, a real science.4 RIGHT/PROPERused to say that someone is right to do something syn rightlyquite/very/perfectly properly People are, quite properly, proud of their homes.
Examples from the Corpus
properlySurely manufacturers who offer these products and recommend them of use as a priming support for oils have done their research properly?He accused me of not doing my job properly.He questions whether the experiments were conducted properly.Keep on using lead free if the engine is not set properly after its recent service.Shamlou stood before her, and for the first time looked properly at his victim.Finding running shoes that fit properly can be tricky.Make sure the door is properly closed.But Sierra Club lobbyist Raena Honan said the program never was properly funded since being approved in 1986.The failure to treat Tamils properly has carried a fearsome price.It will take time to properly investigate the matter.In fact I damn nearly lost early on because I found it hard to concentrate properly on her defence strategy.However, the insurer probably will inspect the new house carefully, to be sure that it is properly retrofitted against earthquakes.For this reason any purchaser will wish to see that all documents in the chain of title are properly stamped.The company had failed to properly train their workers.properly speakingBut, even if not properly speaking a science, it is still worthy of systematic pursuit.A woman can not, properly speaking, desire at all.If knowledge, properly speaking, is knowledge of necessary causes, or real inner natures, then they are.quite/very/perfectly properlyI believe that until very recently it operated perfectly properly.Whilst the issue of alcohol abuse is quite properly a matter for concern, it should be seen in perspective.The authority quite properly denies them the choice, and exercises it itself.In a functional department we face quite properly increasing pressure on our resources.They will be decided perfectly properly on the basis that the claims have been made.Mr Justice Douglas quite properly points out that the conspiracy before us is not a conspiracy to overthrow the Government.If proofs there are in this book they are only that Marxism is now quite properly the preserve of cranks and dreamers.But they are not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt so they decide, quite properly, to acquit of robbery.
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