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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpropertiedprop‧er‧tied /ˈprɒpətid $ ˈprɑːpər-/ adjective [only before noun] formal  OWNowning a lot of property or land the propertied classes
Examples from the Corpus
propertiedBut the number of those who compromised their faith was largest among the propertied and those well up in the social hierarchy.The propertied class is overrepresented in the governing institutions of all advanced capitalist states.The propertied class which called itself liberal was immediately opposed to universal suffrage and to the masses in general.However, a resurgence of working-class agitation during 1833-4 alarmed the Whig government and the propertied classes in general.The propertied classes rallied to the government and called for a halt to all disturbances.The more militant and threatening the pressure from below, the more vigorously the propertied classes supported repressive measures.This was opposed, not simply to kings and aristocrats, but to the propertied minority.Potentially democratic ideas thus provided a justification for rule by a propertied oligarchy.
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