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prophecyproph‧e‧cy /ˈprɒfəsi $ ˈprɑː-/ noun (plural prophecies)  1 [countable]ROPREDICT a statement that something will happen in the future, especially one made by someone with religious or magic powersprophetprophecy (that) The prophecy that David would become king was fulfilled.prophecy of the prophecy of Isaiah2 [uncountable]ROPREDICT the power or act of making statements about what will happen in the future She had the gift of prophecy. self-fulfilling prophecy at self-fulfilling
Examples from the Corpus
prophecyLij Yasu was never crowned, possibly because he believed a prophecy that if he became king he would die.the biblical prophecy of a world warTeiresias, the prophet who had brought so many distressful prophecies to the royal family, came to bring still another.His prophecy was now coming true, perhaps even sooner than he would have dreamed.She had the gift of prophecy, performed many miracles and is known to have mysteriously supplied food for the convent.Usually these reports concentrate on prophecies of a forthcoming Armageddon but many also describe a dire contemporary situation.When not experiencing visions, ecstasies, or prophecies, he authored Moral Theology and Glories of Ma ry.Amazingly, the manager's prophecy that the team would get into the first division seems to be coming true.The old woman's prophecies of disaster were soon fulfilled.Again and again, such prophecies dictate and determine his decisions, his attitudes, his course of action.Finally, there are the prophecies of Alexander's imminent death which were circulating weeks before his death.For without the women and their connection to the Earth, who would bring forth the prophecies?prophecy ... fulfilledIt can also happen that one player can fuel the confidence of a teammate, thereby causing a prophecy to be fulfilled.His prophecy was fulfilled, for the town was delivered at the time of the Paschal feast.The words of prophecies could be fulfilled after all in many different ways.Yet last year's prophecy has been fulfilled: an international consumer class is distorting the fabric of an already damaged country.
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