Date: 1100-1200
Language: Old French
Origin: prophete, from Latin, from Greek prophetes, from phanai 'to speak'


Related topics: Religion
proph‧et [countable]
1RR a man who people in the Christian, Jewish, or Muslim religion believe has been sent by God to lead them and teach them their religion:
the prophet Elijah

the Prophet

RRI Muhammad, who began the Muslim religion:
followers of the Prophet

the Prophets

RRJ the Jewish holy men whose writings form part of the Old Testament (=first part of the Bible), or the writings themselves
4 someone who claims that they know what will happen in the future
prophet of doom/disaster (=someone who says that bad things will happen)
false prophet (=someone whose claims about the future are not true)
5AL someone who introduces and spreads a new idea
prophet of
Gandhi was the prophet of non-violent protest.

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