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prophetproph‧et /ˈprɒfɪt $ ˈprɑː-/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 RRa man who people in the Christian, Jewish, or Muslim religion believe has been sent by God to lead them and teach them their religion the prophet Elijah2 the Prophet3 the Prophets4 PREDICTsomeone who claims that they know what will happen in the futureprophet of doom/disaster (=someone who says that bad things will happen)false prophet (=someone whose claims about the future are not true)5 ALINTRODUCEsomeone who introduces and spreads a new ideaprophet of Gandhi was the prophet of non-violent protest.
Examples from the Corpus
prophetLet no one kid us into treating politicians as prophets whom we elevate and then abuse and then stone to death.He sent for Teiresias, the old blind prophet, the most revered of Thebans.Almost immediately, however, a fierce nationalist resistance erupted directed by a fiery prophet in the hills of Galilee.The difference is that the poststructuralists put themselves forth as heterodox prophets and turn out to be priests of convention.It was from the book of the Old Testament prophet Zechariah.The Old Testament prophets were devastatingly political and frequently found themselves in trouble for it.Altogether, it was as if the football results were being read by one of the prophets.Lilith even succeeded in seducing the prophet Elijah without his knowledge, and had a child by him.the prophet Isaiahfalse prophetA sign of a false prophet is a drawing away in independence from the main body of the church.There were too many false prophets in the world already without relying on gold-fish.prophet ofGandhi, the prophet of non-violent protests
Prophet, thethe ProphetProphet, the  muhammad, who established the muslim religion
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