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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpropheticpro‧phet‧ic /prəˈfetɪk/ adjective  PREDICTcorrectly saying what will happen in the future It turned out to be a prophetic piece of journalism. Lundgren’s warnings proved prophetic.prophetically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
propheticThe winning coalition of line managers would become prophetic as they were to become more dominant in subsequent meetings.Without taking this risk, the potential for our prophetic communication role to fall into the abyss of irrelevance is very great.At that time, Avedisian made a number of claims that would have prophetic implications over the coming year.Only when it becomes an advocate for the oppressed can it fulfill its prophetic role.The message in the books conveyed both a revolutionary and a prophetic summons.There has obviously been a conscious decision and determination on his part to make his life a fulfilment of prophetic utterance.His resolve ends when again he wakes at dawn with prophetic words in his ears.To interpret his significance they turned to the Hebrew sacred books, the Mosaic law as well as the prophetic writings.proved propheticAnyway, that was it, and it proved prophetic.These words proved prophetic, for the prize money was never claimed.
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