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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproportionedpro‧por‧tioned /prəˈpɔːʃənd $ -ˈpɔːr-/ adjective  ATTRACTused to talk about how correct, attractive, suitable etc something is in its size or shapewell/badly/beautifully etc proportioned Arnold’s perfectly proportioned body a beautifully proportioned room
Examples from the Corpus
proportionedPenetrate inside - stay awhile with guidebook raised - and you will find something calmly neoclassical, something wisely proportioned and cool.The style is massive, austere, finely proportioned and intensely durable.A shallow and wide window is not the best proportioned, and is often placed high on a wall.Inside, antiques, family paintings and period furniture enhance the elegance and character inherent in this finely proportioned manor house.Windows were replaced with more sympathetically proportioned ones in softwood, painted blue.From any viewpoint Conwy, with its beautifully proportioned towers is a splendid sight.perfectly proportionedAt the E end of the gardens is one of the most harmoniously and perfectly proportioned buildings in Prague.He was a tiny man, my size standing on a log, perfectly proportioned, except for one thing.She had perfectly proportioned features and perfectly proportioned hands and feet and small even teeth that flashed as she smiled.When the conversation deserved to be punctuated she threw back her head and gave a perfectly proportioned peal of carefully modulated laughter.
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