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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproportionsproportions[plural]SIZE a) the size or importance of something Try to reduce your tasks to more manageable proportions.of immense/huge/massive etc proportions an ecological tragedy of enormous proportionsof epic/heroic/mythic proportions For most of us, Scott was a hero of mythic proportions.crisis/epidemic proportions The flu outbreak has reached epidemic proportions. b) the relative sizes of the different parts of a building, object etc a building of classic proportions the elegant proportions of the living room proportion
Examples from the Corpus
reached ... proportionsFor Pilger the drama reached almost Shakespearian proportions.By last year the crisis had reached such proportions that Southern California introduced radical new regulations to control air pollution.Current research shows that diabetes has reached near-epidemic proportions.Shoplifting has reached epidemic proportions and this gave rise to a lively discussion.The humanitarian situation has reached catastrophic proportions.Cooperation in weapons development, sharing of technology, and information and intelligence reached unprecedented proportions.Once merely quick, pentecostal growth has now reached the proportions of a tidal wave.The storm reached blizzard proportions Sunday night when winds reached 35 miles per hour.