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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproposedpro‧posed /prəˈpəʊzd $ -ˈpoʊzd/ ●●○ W3 adjective [only before noun]  SUGGESTa proposed change, plan, development etc is one that has been formally suggested to an official person or group The document supplies details of the proposed changes. The government is set to vote on the proposed reforms tomorrow.
Examples from the Corpus
proposedAlso, there are clear benefits from bringing proposed actions together in a formal strategic analysis and long-term financial plan.The proposed legislation appeared to mark a stronger move towards direct state regulation of sexuality.The proposed regulations would take effect next year.The primary purpose of the proposed research will be to acquire detailed knowledge about how the new Act will operate.A proposed right is a claim which the proposer would like the society to enforce.On the other hand, the proposed scheme is going to be extremely costly, both in terms of money and teachers' time.They fear the proposed withdrawal from 17 May of some stops by ScotRail and InterCity will cause further deterioration in the service.
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