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proprietresspro‧pri‧e‧tress /prəˈpraɪətrɪs/ noun [countable] old-fashioned  BBa woman who owns a business
Examples from the Corpus
proprietressBut I noticed that at times the fat proprietress went to their rooms; to play cards, she said.Kitty Russell, proprietress of the Longbranch Saloon, a woman with a heart of gold who has eyes only for Dillon.The moment I arrived the proprietress handed me a note with Bobbie's decisive writing on the envelope.Nor was it likely to be the proprietress of the Rose Bowl celebrating their deal.Fielding lingered to congratulate - or compensate - the proprietress.Eventually the proprietress admitted that the General was in the hotel, and somewhat hesitantly led Serrigny upstairs.She was now the proprietress of the Rose Bowl.
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