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prospective employee/candidate/buyer etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprospective employee/candidate/buyer etcprospective employee/candidate/buyer etcsomeone who is likely to do a particular thing or achieve a particular position prospective
Examples from the Corpus
prospective employee/candidate/buyer etcIn University City, some agents issue similar warnings to prospective buyers.It's putting off prospective buyers.Requiring drug tests of this discrete group of citizens is an intrusion, a humiliation and a subtle deterrent to prospective candidates.The only way they can market their products is to produce literature detailed enough to convince the prospective buyer.The élite squads work more intensively and aim to produce at least three prospective candidates in each weight division.Not only does a company interview prospective employees, the would-be employees are supposed to interview the company.Abele also will provide prospective buyers with e-mail updates of new listings that meet their criteria.Once you have a list of prospective candidates, you need to do a bit of research.
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