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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprospectsprospects[plural]CHANCE/OPPORTUNITY chances of future success I had no job, no education, and no prospects.job/career prospects Job prospects for graduates don’t look good. prospect
Examples from the Corpus
job/career prospectsCandidates who have the most formal education and who are willing to relocate should have the best job prospects.A course can increase confidence, career prospects or simply be enjoyable - all of which will never be regretted.And what of poor women whose male acquaintances have few job prospects and therefore may make unstable partners?The motivations of the middle-aged housewife or the young man with good career prospects who joined Militant, remained unexplored.Suddenly there are hundreds of people just waiting to improve her career prospects!Although several generations of Gunters have called Cannon County home, the lack of local job prospects has profoundly discouraged him.This would have the two-fold effect of lowering pupil achievement as well as adversely affecting staff career prospects.Many students now choose to complete an apprenticeship and then pursue a university degree to improve their job prospects.
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