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prostrate yourself

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprostrate yourselfprostrate yourselfLIE DOWNto lie on your front with your face towards the ground, especially as an act of religious worship or as a sign of your willingness to obey someone prostrate
Examples from the Corpus
prostrate yourselfA man entered the room, and at once all the slaves prostrated themselves.At Artai's back they knelt, and then prostrated themselves.He stood by Burun's side, knelt and bowed, then prostrated himself.A sudden flurry, as of a dozen Multhrops simultaneously prostrating themselves, and the doors were flung open.This year, Hollywood mostly prostrated itself, hunkering down until the wind from the right blows over.I spun around to find that he had prostrated himself on the ground and was clasping my feet.They came before the tent and prostrated themselves on the ground before following their chief to prison.Outside they prostrate themselves on wooden prayer beds.
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