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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproteanpro‧te‧an /ˈprəʊtiən, prəʊˈtiːən $ ˈproʊtiən, proʊ-/ adjective literary  ALCHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENTable to keep changing or to do many things
Examples from the Corpus
proteanIt may be that to choose is to distort so protean an entity.It characteristically occurs many years after the primary infection and has protean manifestations in addition to the gait ataxia.Consistent with the protean nature of migraine, there are many exceptions to this generalization.The Mac creators are emblematic of a new kind of artist spawned by the protean nature of the computer.The bibliography of Sir Anthony Caro can hardly keep pace with his protean output.Even in its protean state, however, it would make the business of feeding off her protracted and tiring.an actor's protean talentsClinton has been too protean to entirely satisfy either.
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