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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprotractedpro‧trac‧ted /prəˈtræktɪd/ adjective  LONG TIMEused to describe something that continues for a long time, especially if it takes longer than usual, necessary, or expected syn lengthyprotracted negotiations/discussions/debate etc the expense of a protracted legal battlesee thesaurus at long
Examples from the Corpus
protractedThis marks the first day of what is likely to be a protracted and bitter courtroom battle.Above all, he had to speed up the protracted constitutional timetable of his predecessor.The only other clear winners from a protracted contest would be both firms' lawyers.It was going to be another protracted day; he had to stay alert and miss nothing.There were protracted delays in their trial until they appeared before a magistrate in Liverpool on February 9 last year.It can help avoid expensive and protracted litigation.Firms and institutions which are otherwise financially sound could be hard hit by a protracted run of debt defaults.There was a protracted silence, after which Lydia said quietly, 'I'm to inherit all the money -- you'll get nothing.'There was a protracted silence before Lydia spoke again.After a bloody and protracted struggle, the "Mau-Mau" fighters forced Britain to grant independence.In due course the conspirators were taken to Edinburgh, subjected to protracted torture, and finally beheaded.Otherwise the reign is distinctive for the want of evidence of royal pressure and of protracted vacancies.protracted negotiations/discussions/debate etcLike air bags in automobiles, meaningful technology has been denied an entire generation of parents by a protracted debate.This takes time and the heads are not the appropriate forum for protracted negotiations.Administration sources expressed optimism that protracted negotiations between the Senate and White House might eventually result in some softening of the ban.The bid follows protracted negotiations between the two groups about a possible merger.Three years of long and protracted negotiations characterized the proposals for an indoor-events arena.After protracted negotiations in July 1845 twenty cases of drawings were delivered to the Galleries.After protracted negotiations, it was agreed that a day a week would be devoted to the task.Todd said McCray agreed to pay back his bonus to avoid a protracted debate over the legality and propriety of the payment.
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