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prove a point

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprove a pointprove a pointif someone does something to prove a point, they do it to show that they are right or that they can do something I’m not going to run the marathon just to prove a point. prove
Examples from the Corpus
prove a pointThat he didn't seemed to prove a point.But the Razor wanted to prove a point and demanded a return.That proves a point, doesn't it?I'm not going to run the marathon just to prove a point. I know I could do it if I wanted to.To prove a point I smashed a piece open and applied the magnets.As others may have different theories a genuine desire to prove a point of view leads to some lively debate.He does not try to prove points one way or the other, but he does ask meaningful and relevant questions.Is Wilko trying to prove a point or does he just want rid of Rocky???They rose to the bait and decided they needed to prove a point, putting together their nine-piece Bootsy Collins-featuring live band.
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