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prove yourself (to be) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprove yourself (to be) somethingprove yourself (to be) somethingto show other people that you are a particular type of person She’s proved herself to be a very reliable worker. prove
Examples from the Corpus
prove yourself (to be) somethingEntrepreneur Larry Wilson defined the difference between desire and drive as the difference between expressing yourself and proving yourself.He was posted first to Reading, and was soon proving himself a soldier and horseman of rare incompetence.In the meantime you have to prove yourself by being extra good, and doing helpful things around the house.The fourteen-year-old Gertrude was appointed as the abbess and proved herself deserving of the title.Despite this, I felt it would be better to prove myself in basic training before allowing my real personality to resurface.For them an elite must prove itself in this ability to murder.Outstanding Spartak have proved themselves the masters of away goals and just one tonight will seriously jeopardise Liverpool's hopes.Unfortunately, molecular evidence, which has proved itself useful in other areas of disagreement, has yet to prove itself here.
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