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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprovenprov‧en1 /ˈpruːvən, ˈprəʊvən $ ˈproʊvən, ˈpruːvən/ ●○○ adjective  [usually before noun]PROVE tested and shown to be true or good, or shown to exist a player of proven ability a telephone system with a proven track record (=past performance showing how good it is) of reliability
Examples from the Corpus
provenThe coals constitute a proven commercial gas source which is in direct contact with the recognised potential reservoirs.Confidence Moody's most enduring quality is proven dependability.Administration scientists continue to insist that there is no proven link between C02 emissions and global warming.The most effective proven mechanism to achieve price stability is an independent central bank dedicated to that objective.Saudi Arabia controls a quarter of the world's proven oil supply.It is only necessary to indicate at each stage which proven solution will be used in the next stage.And where proven strength and reliability are called for, clay drainage is its own guarantee.Above three stones the number was not specified because this had no proven value.proven track recordJeske has no qualms about coming to Grand Forks and operating an event center that has no proven track record.It has a proven track record, creating 71,000 new job opportunities since it was formed seven years ago.Mr Fallon, said the Government had a proven track record which would carry it to victory.
provenprov‧en2 /ˈpruːvən/ especially American English  x-refa past participle of prove
Examples from the Corpus
provenEven then, when formulated in this more precise and sociological way, the hypothesis is not yet proven.In other words, not proven.A California community might have proven by example that the races can live together.The Liberal Democrats had the highest share of the vote in several authorities where they have proven local government strength.Laboratory experiments have proven that unfamiliar surroundings and a change in daily schedule can lead to sleep problems.The Minister said in Committee that he believed that if abuses were proven the Secretary of State would be able to act.I did not believe this tired, old gender bias until it was proven to me at my kitchen table over homework.
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