Date: 1400-1500
Language: Latin
Origin: providere 'to see ahead, provide', from videre 'to see'


pro‧vide S1 W1 [transitive]
1 to give something to someone or make it available to them, because they need it or want it [↪ provision]:
Tea and biscuits will be provided.
provide something for somebody
The hotel provides a shoe-cleaning service for guests.
provide somebody with something
The project is designed to provide young people with work.
2 to produce something useful as a result:
We are hoping the enquiry will provide an explanation for the accident.
provide somebody with something
The search provided the police with several vital clues.

provide that

formalSCL if a law or rule provides that something must happen, it states that it must happen

provide against something

phrasal verb
to make plans in order to deal with a bad situation that might happen:
Health insurance will provide against loss of income if you become ill.

provide for somebody/something

phrasal verb
1 to give someone the things they need to live, such as money, food etc:
Without work, how can I provide for my children?
2 formalSCL if a law, rule, or plan provides for something, it states that something will be done and makes it possible for it to be done:
The new constitution provides for a 650-seat legislature.
3 formal to make plans in order to deal with something that might happen in the future:
Commanders failed to provide for an attack by sea.

Someone can provide something but they cannot 'provide someone' Will they provide a car? You can say that you provide someone with something or provide something for someone He provided me with everything (NOT provided me everything) I needed. They did not provide enough paper for everyone (NOT to everyone). To provide for someone means to support them by giving them the things they need to live She has to provide for her four children (NOT provide her four children).

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