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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproximityprox‧im‧i‧ty /prɒkˈsɪməti $ prɑːk-/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  formalNEAR nearness in distance or timeproximity to We chose the house for its proximity to the school.proximity of the proximity of the Bahamas to the States Here the rich and the poor live in close proximity (=very near to each other).
Examples from the Corpus
proximityThose criteria include sibling priority and geographical proximity.Conde Nast Traveler magazine readers last year rated Lindbergh among the top 10 most-popular airports because of its proximity to downtown.San Francisco has a significant immigrant population because of its proximity to Asia.When the laws were liberalized, Baja's proximity to California came into play.Something about the proximity of audience and performer at Guildford turned the whole thing into a party.An important factor to consider is the proximity of your lodging to the slopes and to nightlife.This nowhere land has neither the benefit of distance from Chicago to either become agricultural or the proximity to be wholly relevant.The proximity of schools, stores, hospitals, and so on is an important factor when purchasing a house.To either side old farmhouses and new villas stood in uneasy proximity.in close proximityIts small form factor allows two computers, in close proximity, to double up on the 10BaseT hub.The fattest rabbits in winter are often found in close proximity to brambles.To guarantee plenty of fruit production, both male and female plants need to be put in the ground in close proximity.One night was spent less happily in close proximity to an interested large saltwater crocodile.All are located in close proximity to one another, providing scope for multiple syndicate as well as plenary sessions.Organizational structure was driven by the necessity of having skilled negotiators in close proximity.Persinger has suggested that these reports might be hallucinations instilled into the witnesses by the effect of ionising radiation in close proximity.
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