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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproxyprox‧y1 /ˈprɒksi $ ˈprɑːksi/ noun (plural proxies)  1 by proxy2 REPRESENT[countable, uncountable] someone who you choose to represent you, especially to vote for youproxy for a husband acting as proxy for his wife3 [countable + for] formal something used to represent something else that you want to measure
Examples from the Corpus
proxyA proxy need not be a member of the Company.My stepmother was an agent of emotional estrangement, of war by proxy, combat by youth, and chronic discipline.Some academics have spent years squirrelling around for proxies for gun ownership in given geographical areas.However, when spot volatility was used as the proxy, there was some evidence of a maturity effect.The proxy must be in a position to filter dangerous URLs and malformed commands.Prior to each annual meeting at which directors are elected, current management solicits the voting proxies of the stockholders.If you specify this machine's address as your proxy server, it should make browsing faster.
proxyproxy2 adjective [only before noun]  REPRESENTinvolving the use of a proxy a proxy vote
Examples from the Corpus
proxy voteThose proxy votes must be used in support of incumbent management unless the shareholder specifically instructs the bank otherwise.A proxy vote on the two offers is expected in February at the earliest.
From Longman Business Dictionaryproxyprox‧y /ˈprɒksiˈprɑːksi/ noun (plural proxies) [countable]1someone whom you choose to act for you. For example, if a person owning shares in a company cannot come to a company meeting, someone else can be given the power to vote for him or herIf you have consulted the proxy and confirmed that he or she is able and willing to vote for you, they do not have to sign any forms.The poll showed 68% in favour of the idea, mainly proxy votes from institutional shareholders.2a document that gives one person the power to speak, vote, or make decisions for someone else, especially at a meeting3by proxy if you do something by proxy, you arrange for someone else to do it for youYou will need to say on the application form whether you want to attend the meeting or vote by proxy.
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