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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprurientpru‧ri‧ent /ˈprʊəriənt $ ˈprʊr-/ adjective formal  SYhaving or showing too much interest in sex – used to show disapproval prurient interestspruriently adverbprurience noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
prurientEverything he wrote on those days seemed prurient.For him the sight is also shocking, but arouses a prurient curiosity.Intellectuals have a weakness for the prurient, I read somewhere.Also because dere is prurient interest here on my part.Mere tittle-tattle dredged up for purely prurient interest is another matter.Suddenly, one of my own was featured in a magazine I had peeped at previously, strictly for prurient purposes.It should arise from concern and interest in the counsellee, not from a prurient self-interest or inquisitiveness on the part of the counsellor.His most prurient thought was of her toothbrush, child size and blue, in the bathroom.
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